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Condensation Damp Insulation Solution

Retrofit Wall Insulation Systems

As you can see from the diagrams below 35% of all heat loss in homes is through the un-insulated walls, many of the homes we live in were built with no cavity wall insulation and most with not even a cavity, so it is vital where ever possible to add some form of wall insulation, below are details of the methods we can employ to achieve a complete solution providing a more economical and green home for you and your family.

diogram explaining the heat loss in homes
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Thermaline PIR Plasterboard

Above is an image of the board used and at the side the 3 fixing methods No2 is the most common in existing properties as the existing plaster does not have to be removed.


As you can see below the huge reduction in U-values that can be achieved with just a 38mm thickness added to your exterior walls.

Ultrotherm Insulation system: Only 12mm Thick

Lower profile system, great in situations such as when conice or feature skirting boards cannot be removed

Ultrotherm is an internal insulation system for solid walls. It allows walls to be insulated without costly alterations to skirting boards, windows, covings and radiators. Although only 12mm thick, Ultrotherm typically reduces heat loss through 9” solid brick walls by 40%, creating a more comfortable living environment and reducing energy bills. Ultrotherm meets Building Regulations for use where it is not functionally or technically possible to install thicker insulation systems. 

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